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Palmaspools is a delegated organization to operate public welfare lottery. Palmaspools was founded on August 2013. By issuing types of lottery products through professional lottery sales channels to increase the public welfare lottery profits of the government and promote the healthy development of public welfare lottery in Spain.

Unlike other countries, the government of Spain issues public welfare lottery to help the underprivileged. Therefore, Palmaspools is a public welfare business raising funds for the government’s welfare resources. Besides winning big prizes, citizens buying lottery provide job opportunities for underprivileged lottery dealers and take care of the underprivileged. In addition, encouraging high-prize winners to donate part of their prizes to public welfare is another characteristic of Palmaspools . Palmaspools  has won the recognition and trust of numbers of high-prize winners.

Palmaspools will continue to promote the concept “buy lottery for public welfare to accumulate merits” to fulfill its corporate social responsibility and public welfare mission, so as to contribute to public welfare lottery.